Our Story

Doug & Amy Ratzlaff

Hilltop Ranch & Cattle LLC is owned and operated by Doug & Amy Ratzlaff, located north of Enid, Oklahoma.

Our story begins in the Oklahoma Panhandle where my great grandparents and grandparents showed the true mettle of the American Farmer by persevering through difficult conditions to establish a lasting legacy of faith in our faithful God, a family that loves and supports each other, and a love and appreciation for God’s Creation that is displayed through farming.

I remember sitting on my great grandpa’s lap as a small child to “ride horse” as he would bounce me up and down and sing a poem in Low German.  Though that was one of my few memories of my great grandpa, memories from other family members reveal the toughness and character of my great grandparents that I see in the generations that have followed.

My grandpa Harvey, humble and kind, a man who never shied away from hard work, along with my grandma Betty, who was always full of joy and love, started a dairy farm before transitioning to primarily wheat and cattle.  They named their dairy farm in the Oklahoma Panhandle, “Hilltop Dairy”, as it was located on a slight “hill”.

When Amy and I purchased our place we now call “home”, also located on a “hill”, we fondly called our place, “Hilltop”.  This was both in loving memory of my grandparents as well as a sense of connection to the long line of farmers that have gone before us.  This farm nickname that dates back to my grandparents’ dairy farm led to what is now, Hilltop Ranch & Cattle, LLC.

Growing up on a wheat and cattle farm in Garfield County gave me a love for the farm life and appreciation for the values and hard work that come with it.  And even though the farm and the operations on the farm may have changed over the years with the different generations, the farm life and the values that it teaches have not changed.  Amy and I feel blessed to continue this legacy of farming and ranching that my great grandpa shared with his family years ago in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Our mission at Hilltop Ranch & Cattle is to provide quality beef you can enjoy and have confidence in.  We believe our customers know quality beef and can appreciate the farm and ranch lifestyle.  That’s why we’re focused on delivering the best quality beef direct from our ranch to your table and we look forward to sharing our beef and other products from Hilltop Ranch with you.


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